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Why and What of our Mission

Posted 10/10/2014, Written By: Mark Walker

What if a company was truly dedicated to, and whose mission was to surround itself with great people, building a great company, to serve and improve its communities? What would that look like? What would it mean to the community it serves and what would it mean to its employees?  What would it mean to the company? 

It would answer the question of WHY. It has been proven that it is important for people to know why a company does what it does. Apple’s mission is simply - Change the World. It happens to do that by inventing and selling products that could change the world.   

Likewise a company whose mission is to improve its communities creates credibility for its product. The people who work there have pride and satisfaction that they are making a difference rather than just collecting a pay check. They see the results of their work in play where they live. The company becomes great by creating a reputation of being more than just a seller of a service or product. It uses its service or product to accomplish its real mission which is to provide good jobs for great people, while building a great company and improving the communities it serves. Michigan Mutual is such a company. 

Michigan Mutual’s mission is “Great People, Building a Great Company, Serving Our Communities”. We do this by providing financing to homeowners. Our great people work very hard every day to take the worry and wonder out of what is otherwise a very painful process. Our company through the results of our employees uses its assets of both time and treasure to improve the areas we live and make a living. We exist to make our world better and easier to live in. We are very proud of what we have done and continue to do. 

- Mark Walker, CEO

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I’ve been in the industry for more than 20 years. Michigan Mutual's owners have a long history of trust and customer service and have built the company based on their morals.

Christian Newberry

Christian Newberry