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History of Labor Day

Posted 8/28/2014, Written By: Dean Butterfield

In 1887, US President Grover Cleveland officially established Labor Day to celebrate and honor the American labor movement and the achievements of American workers.  It is, however, not without its torrid history.  It came about during a time of great turmoil and unrest at the turn of the century.  Laborers as young as 5 years old were barely making a living working 12-14 hour days, every day of the week.  As a result, riots occurred and labor unions were formed to fight for their rights.

As you celebrate this national holiday by – hopefully – taking a day of rest from your labor, perhaps you’ll have a bit more perspective on why you get to spend an extra day with your family.  Celebrate American workers by relaxing, cooking out, going camping, take your boat out, sleep in…you have the freedom to choose and people to thank for it.

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Christian Newberry

Christian Newberry