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Helpful Tools for Your Home

Posted 8/20/2014, Written By: Dean Butterfield

There is an endless list of things that can be done around your home and property.  But, there are some great tools that could possibly help make that job just a bit easier.  Here are a few of our favorites.

1)      iRobot Roomba:  Who wouldn’t like a device that will do your vacuuming while you sit an enjoy your coffee? 


2)      Wireless Thermostat:  A newer trend for home improvement is in the area of Wi-Fi enabled devices.  Wireless thermostats, mobile apps, remote control lights and much more.  We would recommend checking a few of these out!

 3)      Weed Burner / Garden Torch: What guy wouldn’t love flame thrower?  Ok, in reality, these are a far cry from a flame thrower, but a garden torch is basically an oversized Bunsen burner.  It can help kill weeds, melt snow, break up ice dams, start charcoal fires in ¼ of the time, etc. 



 4)      Backup Sump Pump: While not really “cool,” there is never a good time for your sump pump to fail – so why not be safe and have a battery backup in case the power goes out or the primary pump fails.  It could be the best $150 you will ever spend.

 5)      Chainsaw:  I am convinced everyone should have some sort of small chainsaw available.  There are so many times when cutting down a low-hanging branch, trimming the base of the tree or cutting down a stump is just what you yard needs.  You can even find used chainsaws locally on Craigslist.

 Always use precaution and read directions when it comes to operating power equipment. What are your most useful tools around the house?

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