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Mi Mutual Mission

Most companies hire for skill alone. While talent, skill and experience are important, we believe that passion and core values are just as critical. At Michigan Mutual, Inc., we select people whom actively live, work and embody our core values of integrity, problem solving, commitment, family and fun that we live daily in our recruiting and organization. We also weave our core values into your experience in applying for a career at Michigan Mutual, Inc. Here’s how:

  • Integrity: We will share the entire picture of what a career with us looks like with you;
    we are open and honest throughout the entire process.
  • Problem Solving: We will work with you to ensure your transition into our company is a smooth, positive and easy experience.
  • Family and Fun: We strive to share our unique, community-oriented culture throughout the selection process.
  • Commitment: We are committed to providing timely and candid feedback every step of the way. We will never leave you guessing.

The recruiting process means more to us than just filling an open position; we treat it like a consultation. We will focus on your skills, expertise and values to develop a career pathway tailored to fit you and your unique abilities and goals. Our vision of success is to share our company and what makes us tick with you, so that when the time is right, the decision to join the Mi Mutual family is an easy one!